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A more stout chicken soup

It was Monday night after a long trip, I hadn’t gone shopping and suddenly it dawned on me: “I need something for lunch, tomorrow!” This wasn’t good. I didn’t want to leave the house as I was feeling very lazy and I didn’t even know what I needed. Nope, this time I’d be eating whatever I could create from my pantry and fridge. It was my own hellish version of “Chopped.” Continue reading

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Chili – Mark I

Nothing helps fix a cold day quite like a bowl of chili, you know? The weather here in Northern Florida continues to stay in the 30’s and 40’s so I needed something pretty warm to keep me going throughout the day as well as fill me up right. I was digging around my spice cabinet and decided that I would make chili, but instead of using a recipe or “chili powder,” I’d go ahead and make the whole thing from scratch and winging the whole thing. I admit, this could have gone horribly wrong, but amazingly it came out great. Continue reading

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A close cawl

I’m a fan of soup… it’s filling, it tastes good, and it lasts forever. I decided to try and make a classic Welsh dish this week called “Cawl.” Unfortunately I ended up grabbing some wrong ingredients and having to substitute others, so the dish wasn’t so classic. Not every mistake is bad, you know… in fact, this dish was very tasty and had a lovely red color to it. Perhaps it’s time for people to try Red Cawl. Continue reading

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