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Absinthe Verte – St. George Spirits

Absinthe. That word inspires visions of tortured artists, green fairies and many other things. No other liquor has captured the imagination of more people around the world. I decided that I would bite the bullet and give absinthe a try and see if it is as wonderful as the supporters say or as scary as the detractors claim. Continue reading

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Joe Fizz – Carbonated Coffee?

What is this? Coffee-flavored soda? No… it is actually coffee soda! Perhaps now I can start drinking soda with breakfast and it suddenly won’t be weird.

I found this stuff lurking in my supermarket and just had to give it a try. Honestly, I’m mixed on it… it isn’t bad, just different. Step inside to read the rest! Continue reading

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Shiner Smokehaus

Happy Labor Day, my US friends! Today is usually celebrated with a nice hunk of meat grilled over some sort of fire, but unfortunately I don’t have a grill.

Good thing that the folks over at Shiner ended up solving my problem through the medium of beer. Presenting Shiner Smokehaus, or, BBQ in a beer bottle! Drink up! Continue reading

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