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Potato emergency!

Let me set the scene. I just had a long day at the office, Jess is at home, and to be nice she decided to make dinner so I didn’t have to.

The meal required mashing potatoes and I’ll never forget that phone call she made to me: “You need to get home fast. There is a potato emergency!” Continue reading

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Durian – Hail to the King, baby.

When most people are told to think of a tropical fruit they think of bananas or mango or even guava… most don’t think of the durian.

To tell the truth, many people in this part of the world have never heard of this fruit, but once you see one (or smell one), they’re pretty hard to forget. Continue reading

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Remembering Omaha

Originally this was supposed to be my last post before leaving Omaha. Unfortunately due to many different things, this didn’t get finished.

Luckily the dust is settling and what was once my last post from Omaha will be my first post from Panama City. Today I fondly look back at my favorite Omaha places… Continue reading

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Salads galore

Time for a run down of some recipes I’ve tried over the past week. Hopefully you like them and will share some of your own. Remember, you only live once so why eat boring?

This time we will be focused on some seasonal salads (which is perfect as I am getting a steady supply of veggies from my CSA and the Farmer’s market). Continue reading

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