Vosges Bacon Caramel Toffee

While doing my shopping for Thanksgiving at Whole Foods, this week, I didn’t actually think I’d find one of the best taste combinations I’d ever eaten.  As I walked past the big tower of chocolate my eyes instinctively locked in on a word that is, sadly, not often seen outside the meat dept: Bacon.  I almost dismissed it, assuming I had seen Mo’s Bacon Bar, one of my guilty pleasures, but no… this was different.  This was… toffee.

Yes, from the people who graciously brought us the bacon and chocolate candy bar comes the next generation.  Say hello to Vosges Bacon Caramel Toffee… it is pleased to meet you, I’m sure.

Baconated Toffee

Chocolatey baconated toffee goodness

You’ll notice that it not only is a bar of baconated toffee, but that it is also covered in milk chocolate.  I don’t know how the people at Vosges get their ideas, but I need to find a way to make it my own.  They are truly chocolate gods.  From their mouths:

Some combinations seem to be written in the stars. Our sought after Mo’s Bacon Bar was destined to collide with our addicting crunchy toffee. Applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt are embedded in our original crisp, buttery toffee. A layer of 41% cacao deep milk chocolate embraces top and bottom. And you thought the Mo’s Bacon Bar and Caramel Toffee were addicting…

So, for the people out there thinking that this is not a wonderful combination I say to you:  Try it.  Just try it.  I promise you, it’s awesome wrapped in a chocolate shell, topped with a bow.  The flavor of the salty pork against the very sweet caramel and rich chocolate just comes together in ways you’d never think possible.  To try and convince you of how great it is, check out this close-up shot:

You can see its bacony soul...

You can see it's bacony soul...

You see, don’t you want to just eat that and never stop?  As Gwen Reyes (Reel Vixen) put it when we discussed it on Twitter:

oh my god, YUM!! I hope they serve that in my heaven

Yeah, it’s that good…

So, what’s your favorite bacon-related candy?

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  1. Cindy Cindy says:

    Thanks. I’m going to buy a bunch and give them to everyone I don’t have a present for.

  2. Jason Kelley Jason says:

    What lucky, lucky friends you have!

  3. M Margot M Margot says:

    This article is so sweet! 🙂

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