Shiner Smokehaus

Happy Labor Day, my US friends (and happy Labour Day, to the Canadians)!  Today is usually celebrated with a nice hunk of meat grilled over some sort of fire, but unfortunately I don’t have a grill.  I know, that is a very sad fact and I am aware that I need to remedy it.  Luckily the good folks at Shiner have come to my rescue in the form of a beer.  Now, this isn’t just any beer, no sir! This is a mesquite smoked beer!  Let me introduce you to Shiner Smokehaus:


Front of the bottle


Back of the bottle

You see?  It was meant for people like me who just can’t get that flavor naturally on a grill, so I can feel like the rest of you.  So, without further ado, it is time to celebrate!  Let’s crack open the brew and let’s taste the smoke!


Doesn't look like a barbecue in a glass, but things aren't always what they seem...

Well, that is certainly something else!  The beer is a nice, light brew with a hint of bitterness at the end.  It would probably pair very well with a nice piece of meat.  Here is the weird thing, though.  Have you ever been to a barbecue where everyone is drinking and the wind is kind of gusty?  You know the taste you get in your mouth from the smoke when the wind suddenly blows at you?  That is what this beer tastes like.  You don’t get the taste until the finish and it is like a gust of smoke just hit your face as you were swallowing.  Oddly enough the beer doesn’t smell of smoke or mesquite, you only get it in the finish.

I think that this is a good beer for basting meat in, or something where you want a smokyish taste and don’t have a grill (boiling brats in this would be pretty good, I think).  All in all, I liken this beer to Lapsang souchong tea, as I feel it is something most people would end up cooking with, rather than drinking, though there probably would be a few who really enjoyed that smoky flavor.

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2 Responses to Shiner Smokehaus

  1. I completely agree with you! It’s kind of weird to drink, but I used it as a steak marinade with garlic and brown sugar a few weeks ago and it was great.

  2. Jason Kelley Jason says:

    Ah! Good to know that I wasn’t too far off base. I’m actually wondering if reducing this and Joe Fizz down would make a nice smokey-coffee glaze? I’ll have to experiment with that the next time steak goes on sale. 🙂

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