Joe Fizz – Carbonated Coffee?

I usually like to start my mornings with a nice cup of tea (thanks to the Tea Smith, love that place), but this morning I decided to forgo my usual brew and sit down to a cup of coffee.  Well, not a normal cup of coffee, per se, I decided to give Joe Fizz a try.  I saw this stuff at the supermarket the other day and just couldn’t resist.

Bottle front

What a happy looking guy!

Bottle back

It's not just 90% real coffee, it's 100%!

Now, unlike “normal” sodas, this has a very basic ingredient list:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Cane Sugar (yay!)
  • PurJava Coffee Concentrate (Filtered Water and Coffee)
  • Sodium Benzoate (boo!)
  • Phosphoric Acid

That’s all.  Water, sugar, coffee, an acidifier and a preservative… pretty simple stuff, this day and age (though I could do without the preservative).  So what does this modern version of coffee taste like?  Well, I think you could just about duplicate the flavor by doing this:

Take a shot of espresso, add about 5 tablespoons of sugar to it, then top off with a cup of seltzer.

It is a painfully sweet shot of coffee, though the bubbles were very pleasant.  The coffee wasn’t bitter at all, and actually I think a little bit of bitterness could have helped here.  It was just too smooth and sweet for me.  The coffee flavor shone through very well, and that is important as the last carbonated coffee beverage (Coca-Cola Blak) I drank was just awful.

Like other things I’ve drank, I don’t think this is something I’d drink again, at least, by itself.  I’m thinking this would be a good mixer with some Kahlua or even reduced and used as a glaze for some barbecue (rather than using as normal cola).  Have any of you tried this (or similar)?  What ideas do you have?

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2 Responses to Joe Fizz – Carbonated Coffee?

  1. Dallas Dallas says:

    I tried many different recipes for espresso signature drinks while training for my competition. One was a sweet one oz. shot of “eco! espresso,” a teaspoon of turbinado sugar, one oz. fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, topped with 2 oz. seltzer water!

    Though I never served this particular one to judges, I saw a guy do almost the same drink, only with a blood orange instead of grapefruit!

  2. Jonny Gouda Jonny Gouda says:

    My wife and I just bought a Sodastream water carbonater. It is only usable on pure water, but you can flavor the seltzer with they syrups they sell or any other flavored syrup.

    So I brewed a pot’s worth (10 cups) of coffee grounds in a single cup of coffee, added sugar and chilled. I added this to the fizzy water and oila! Fizzy coffee! I’m not sure it would catch on as a mainstream sale, but it certainly packs a wallop when you down 750 mg of caffeine with 8-10 spoonfuls of sugar!

    Now now… Not that I’m suggesting anyone O/D on caffeine. I’m just saying, on that Monday morning after the Super Bowl and you have to be at work at 9am…

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