Would you look at that? We’re live!

Amazing, it took forever for me to stop procrastinating, but here she is: Yet another food blog for the already growing pile of them all over the Internet.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Self, why do I want to be here?  Isn’t there something on TV I could be watching?”  Yes, there probably is something on TV, it’s half of the reason it took me so long to get this finish, but try to focus!

The reason you want to stick around is because you are going to have a front row seat to my kitchen.  Now, I’ll admit, it’s kind of cramped, but I’ve moved some chairs around and I think you’ll all be able to fit in just fine.  I know, you can barely contain the excitement, but it’s true… I will be sharing recipes, suggestions, food facts, and whatever else food related pops up in my mind.

You see, cooking has become a hobby of mine over the last year.  Just a few years ago I was bordering on 300lbs, my idea of a home-cooked meal was Hamburger Helper and eating out consisted of grabbing a burger at McDonald’s.  This had to end.  I made it a point to drop my weight and learn to eat better and so far I think I have.  Unfortunately up until this past year, most of my “healthy” eating came from boxes and cans and everything being pre-made.  I decided it would be much easier for me to watch what I ate if I actually cooked it myself (such a novel idea, remind me to do something with it… perhaps some sort of book?).  The biggest issue in this is that, I’m not a cook.  I had no idea how to cook almost anything.  My original attempts at cooking items like eggs or pancakes ended in utter tragedy.  It has gotten much better and I’ve begun branching out… different ingredients here, weird culinary experiments there.

Now, I had attempted to talk to people about what I was doing, but something about a random stranger telling them what he made for dinner turned them off (note: must research this further).  It was then I decided that the best thing to do with all of this pent-up food talk was to take it direct to the masses (this is you) via a blog!   So, my hope is that you are entertained, maybe learn something, and stay to help do some of the dishes.  If you like something I post, please comment!  I’ll start, if you like the image of my cutting board, you can get it yourself here!  Feel free to tell your friends to visit, we’ll squeeze in and make room, don’t worry.

So, with all this being said… who’s hungry?

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