Top Chef Masters: Ep. 1

Last night saw the premiere of Top Chef Masters on Bravo.  For those who don’t know, Top Chef Masters is mostly like Top Chef with a few differences:

  1. The chefs are all well-known and great chefs.
  2. Each episode has 4 chefs pitted against each other.
  3. Each episode instead of one person leaving, only one person moves on to the final.
  4. All money won goes to charity.

Everything else is the same… quickfires, elimination challenges, judges, etc.  So last night we saw Chefs Tim Love, Christopher Lee, Hubert Keller andMichael Schlow battle for the first top spot with the great Hubert Keller winning both the quickfire as well as the elimination challenge.  The episode was great so if you can, catch the re-run (cooking for girlscounts and cooking in dorm rooms… hilarious and challenging).

Lucky for us, Bravo was nice enough to have last year’s favorite Top Chef, Fabio, show us how to make Hubert’s awesome Mac & Cheese in your kitchen (rather than in a school shower… again, watch the episode)… check it out:

How awesome does that look?  It’s definately going to be something I try out in the near future.  As a bonus, one of my favorite videos online happen to involve Chef Keller and I thought I’d share it with you.  Here it is, thanks to Chow:

Doesn’t that look amazing?  Well, I mean, if pared down to a human sized mouth.  I’ve been thinking of trying his idea of actually dicing up the meat by hand… seems really interesting.

Welp, that’s it for today’s episode… looking forward to next week!

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