Remembering Omaha

Originally this was supposed to be my last post before leaving Omaha.  Unfortunately due to a wedding, car trouble and horrible weather, we had little time, ended up leaving a day early and taking three days to drive what usually takes 20 hours.  More bad luck struck as I lost my Godfather just days after arriving and left to attend his funeral.

Luckily the dust is settling and what was once my last post from Omaha will be my first post from Panama City.  Today I fondly remember some of my favorite food-related places around town.  This list will hopefully help newcomers, visitors and current residents alike.  This list isn’t in any particular order, just as I remember ’em.

Tomato Tomato

Do you need something from the Farmer’s Market, but it’s not Saturday (or it’s the off season)? No worries! Odds are they have it here!  Say “hi” to Jodi, Dallas and all the others for me!

The Boiler Room

I took way too long to eat here, so don’t make that same mistake. This is, perhaps, the greatest restaurant in all of Omaha with a menu that changes daily and a ton of local products.

Frank’s Pizzaria

This is real pizza. The end. All those other places saying they’re NY pizza are lying. Frank is a guy from Brooklyn who makes a perfect pie. Make sure and grab the “white pizza” as it has always been my favorite!

Bailey’s Restaurant (PDF)

When I wasn’t up to cooking breakfast or wanted a quick lunch, this is where I came. Jess says they have the best biscuits and gravy in the entire city. Here’s a tip: On the weekends ask what the soup of the day is as it is never listed.

Shucks Oyster Bar (PDF)

From the people who brought you Bailey’s comes Shucks! Perhaps the freshest fish in the city cooked just wonderfully. I’ve heard they now have two locations!

Sushi Japan Yakiniku Boy

The sushi here was great, but my favorite thing is that they have traditional Japanese food like Oyako Donburi. I wish more places served that!

Omaha Farmer’s Market

Not just food, the Farmer’s Market down in Old Market is an experience.  People busking, lots of random crafts… it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Village Pointe Farmer’s Market

Want the food with none of the fuss? Come up to Village Pointe.  Almost all the same foods, no crafts, buskers, or anything else separating you from the goodies.

The Tea Smith

My mornings just aren’t right without a blend of Yerba Mate and a black tea of some sort.  The Tea Smith were the suppliers of my wakeup juice and won’t stop being so any time soon. Trivia fact: The owner of Black Sheep Farms is the son of the owner of the Tea Smith.

Village Grinder

How I feel about the Tea Smith is the way Jess felt about Village Grinder.  When I first saw them, I thought they were a sub shop, but it turns out they’re even better. Stop by and try one of their many coffees or baked goods (and make sure you say “hi” to Emily for me!).

Aki Oriental

Every town has that one great Asian market… this is Omaha’s.  Whenever I needed any hard to find ingredient from that mystic of continents I knew they would have it there waiting for me!

Whole Foods

When I couldn’t find my ingredients anywhere else, I always knew I could count on Whole Foods to hook me up.  Jess was partial to their vegan cakes and I was always a fan of their whitefish salad.

There were/are many wonderful food related places in Omaha and I’m truly sad to not have had the pleasure at eating at them all.  Perhaps next time I’m up north I’ll stop by and grab a bite to eat.

Former/Current Omaha residents… what are your favorite food joints?  Did I miss some that others just have to visit?

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4 Responses to Remembering Omaha

  1. Jordy Jordy says:

    One of our food writers wrote an article on Tomāto Tomäto and now I’m totally jazzed to go there. Just wish it wasn’t so far west!

    I’d gladly trade Whole Foods for a Trader Joe’s, but I’m excited that Hiro’s is opening up a new location in the Old Market. Never been to Sushi Japan.

    Also a fan of Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob, which is great for us veggies.

    Sad to see you leave the Big O! Good luck!

  2. Didn’t know you couldn’t use HTML in the comments. So if you want links:

    The article about Tomāto Tomäto:




  3. Dallas @ Tomāto Tomäto Dallas @ Tomāto Tomäto says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Jason! We’re sad to see you leave. Three of may favorites:

    The Boiler Room (of course!- best food, best wine selection and best shot of espresso in town)
    California Taco &

  4. Elizeth Elizeth says:

    That’s quite a nice list!

    Glad to see you made it down south in one piece; not as smoothly as you would have liked, but made it nonetheless.

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