KFC: Return of the Double Down

You heard it here first, folks.  The Double Down, of which I posted about before (be sure and check it out) is about to hit KFC nationwide:

It's back!

It's back and out for blood!!

The KFC Double Down is Real! No Fooling. @ KFC

The new KFC Double Down sandwich is real and it’s coming April 12th! This one-of-a-kind sandwich features two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce. This product is so meaty, there’s no room for a bun!The Double Down comes in two versions: Original Recipe® or Grilled and the nutrition information is below.

And the nutrition info:

Did anyone think this day would come?  I honestly thought the news was a practical joke, but after talking to the PR person who contacted me, I honestly believe them. Not only do they have the site, but the Nutrition Data (pdf) has already been updated with the sandwich.  The only difference between the one I tried and the new model is the addition of a “Grilled” version, which I’m sure to try out for SCIENCE!

Get ready America… The Double Down is coming.  So… who’s gettin’ one?

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12 Responses to KFC: Return of the Double Down

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  5. Ikbod Bangakid Ikbod Bangakid says:

    I lubs me dat KFC

  6. Frank Owen Frank Owen says:

    I had to get one today, it was good…. but I don’t think I will get it often for the $7.50 price point for a combo.

  7. zylog zylog says:

    It looks like the grilled double down is a pretty good low-carb option: 3 g carb, 61g protein and 23 g fat (0 trans).

    That gives 2.5% carb, 52.5% protein 45% fat. Nice!

  8. Lynn Roodbol Lynn Roodbol says:

    I won’t be getting a KFC Double Down or any other insane product because I believe you are what you eat. I ate lousy food until I got cancer. Then I decided I wanted to beat it; I now eat healthy food to take care of my body and help me stay well.

  9. Elle Elle says:

    I’m sort of surprised (or aaaaam I?) that the grilled has more sodium than the fried!

  10. Jan-ny Rock-Its Jan-ny Rock-Its says:

    i wish there was something like this here in the Philippines. although i’m not so sure if i could finish this, and i’m pretty interested to know how this product would fare here.

  11. Heath Heath says:

    Well, honestly, if you eat fast food anyway, and most of us do, then the stats on this sandwich aren’t any worse than those of a Big mac or a Whopper. In fact, I would say, considering the amount of food you get in the serving, that is is actually better. None the less, as you can see, the grilled version isn’t really that much better for you (especially since the sodium has to be higher to enhance the flavor), so if you are going to eat one (and I have) then I recommend going all the way with the fried version. And remember it isn’t what you eat that is bad, just how much and how often.

  12. This thing is a beast! I’ll be trying one some day when I have a fiver to burn and haven’t ingested fat for a week (which does happen on my beans’n’greens diet).

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