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Take Le Whif of this

I’ll admit it: I love candy. I especially love candy from other countries or candy made with non-standard (in the US, anyway) ingredients. While visiting my brother and sister this past weekend for her college graduation, Jess and I slipped away to the mall and checked out the candy store. Among the many candies from around the world they had the most intriguing item. Called “Le Whif,” it was a tube of chocolate powder that you were supposed to “whif” into your mouth. Each tube was said to hold 8 “whifs,” claimed to taste like chocolate, and was mostly organic. You know I had to purchase it. The flavors I had to choose from were “Chocolate,” “Chocolate Raspberry,” “Chocolate Mint (the only artificially flavored one),” and “Coffee.” I decided to buy a variety pack, which contained one stick of each flavor, except coffee. Continue reading

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Queen Bee Cupcakes – Seaside

You ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? The day I discovered Queen Bee Cupcakes started off being one of those. The first sign that I was in trouble came from the weather. Since the farmer’s market is a good 45 minutes away I had to get up early and leave just after sunrise, yet when I was getting ready to go, it was still dark out. Upon further review, it was storming out… and not one of those nice little showers, I’m talking gale force winds here, people. Oh well, I needed to get milk and eggs and by Jove I was going! Continue reading

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Kitchen Witch’s Whoopie Pies

Today is Food Geekery’s One Year Anniversary! Yep, one year ago today this site came online (though it wasn’t completely live for a couple of months) and over 70 articles later we’re still going strong! I really want to thank all my readers and twitter followers for being so great as I stumble around the world of food. I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’m learning a lot and that’s the most important thing! When it came to today, I wasn’t going to do anything special to celebrate, but then, what’s this? Continue reading

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Jennifer James 101 – Albuquerque

So my job sends me away to do site installations every so often and it takes me around the country to places I would have never stopped on my own… because vacations are expensive. While on these trips I am given a set amount of money to eat with… as long as these meals are “free” I make it a point to enjoy some really good local cuisine based on things I’ve heard or seen on the internet, TV, and word of mouth. Continue reading

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Gravel Road – Seagrove Beach

Back in Omaha we had a favorite breakfast place… Bailey’s. I know I never officially reviewed them, but they were awesome… in fact, the last day we were in Omaha we started off breakfast there, as we did at least a few times a month. I ended up taking photos for a review, so look to one in the future once I gather all my thoughts. Anyway, back to the review at hand. Ever since arriving in Florida, Jess and I have been on a quest to find a great breakfast place as Jess loves breakfast to death. I would say it is probably her favorite meal of the day… if prepared right. So when I was pointed to the breakfast at the Gravel Road restaurant (by one of their sous chefs, no less) while wandering the Farmer’s Market as usual, never being one to hesitate, I finished up my shopping and headed right over. I grabbed an order of biscuits and gravy to go for Jess and ran back home. Continue reading

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Durian – Hail to the King, baby.

When most people are told to think of a tropical fruit they think of bananas or mango or even guava… most don’t think of the durian.

To tell the truth, many people in this part of the world have never heard of this fruit, but once you see one (or smell one), they’re pretty hard to forget. Continue reading

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Vosges Bacon Caramel Toffee

While doing my shopping for Thanksgiving this week, I didn’t actually think I’d find one of the best taste combinations I’d ever eaten.

As I walked past the big tower of chocolate my eyes instinctively locked in on a glorious word: Bacon. And not just bacon, this was… toffee. Continue reading

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Red Robin – Papillion

This is a first for me on this site so far… a bad review. Not just a normal bad review, but a really horrible one.

This one actually has me preparing to go back there and speak to their management and could perhaps involve law enforcement. We’ll just say I won’t be back. Continue reading

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Smashburger – Omaha

A little over a month ago, Jess and I were driving over to Jason’s Deli to grab a quick bite to eat and we noticed a new restaurant opening almost next door. It was called “Smashburger” and I had never heard of it. A little research and it turns out this may be the next great burger shop. Read along as I take my first look! Continue reading

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Fruit Roll-Ups: Simply Fruit

Fruit Roll-Ups aren’t usually considered health food. I mean, they are pretty much the anti-health food, aren’t they? Unfortunately kids love them.

Good news, parents! General Mills has created a new form of Fruit Roll-Up… one that amazingly actually contains fruit! Shocking stuff, friends!! Continue reading

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SweeTango – Honeycrisp’s nightmare

Ah, Fall… apple season. The Honeycrisp is as good as an apple can get, isn’t it? It’s sweet, crunchy, juicy, crisp… everything you want in an apple.

That is, until now. Behold… the SweeTango apple! Step inside and see me check out the newest, and perhaps tastiest, apple to come to market. Continue reading

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Absinthe Verte – St. George Spirits

Absinthe. That word inspires visions of tortured artists, green fairies and many other things. No other liquor has captured the imagination of more people around the world. I decided that I would bite the bullet and give absinthe a try and see if it is as wonderful as the supporters say or as scary as the detractors claim. Continue reading

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Joe Fizz – Carbonated Coffee?

What is this? Coffee-flavored soda? No… it is actually coffee soda! Perhaps now I can start drinking soda with breakfast and it suddenly won’t be weird.

I found this stuff lurking in my supermarket and just had to give it a try. Honestly, I’m mixed on it… it isn’t bad, just different. Step inside to read the rest! Continue reading

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Shiner Smokehaus

Happy Labor Day, my US friends! Today is usually celebrated with a nice hunk of meat grilled over some sort of fire, but unfortunately I don’t have a grill.

Good thing that the folks over at Shiner ended up solving my problem through the medium of beer. Presenting Shiner Smokehaus, or, BBQ in a beer bottle! Drink up! Continue reading

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