Garden ‘09: Week 2

It’s been two weeks and so far I haven’t lost any of my crops!  In fact, I think they’re looking very healthy.

Growin up strong!

Growin' up strong!

If you notice in the picture, I rotated many of the boxes so that they get more sun throughout the day.   Another thing I did was to grind up some eggshells (cleaned, of course) with my mortar and pestle and spread them around the plants for a bit of a calcium boost.  Lastly I spread a tiny bit of used coffee grounds around the leafy plants, as the nitrogen boost should help them out.  So far it looks like this is working out pretty well.

You may notice an extra few crops.  Well, I decided that I’d try a few experiments.  The first is Strawberries, my first attempt at a fruit.  The second is spring garlic and carrots.  The carrots went in as seeds, so I don’t know if they’ll grow yet.  The garlic was just purchased at Whole Foods when I was shopping.  I saw a bunch that had started sprouting so I bought it, came home, separated the bulbs and planted them.  They’ve begun growing more, so we’ll see what happens with that.

I have another couple weeks until I feel it’s safe enough for my warmer crops, but so far this is a very good start.  In fact, I’ve already had to trim the Arugula once!

Well, that’s it for now… hopefully my next update is still positive and perhaps will have a few baby carrots growing!

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