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Think outside the drum

As anyone who has turned on a TV in the past month knows, there is a massive plume of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico. Recently I moved to the Gulf Coast and instantly took to eating locally and enjoying the fresh seafood, but that time is now over. With the larger and larger fishing bans, many fishermen are choosing to do other things to get paid, resulting in many local restaurants running out of product. The wildlife is suffering, the economy is suffering and there is currently no end in sight. Even when the geyser is turned off, it’ll still take decades to clean the mess, and even then, our addiction to oil won’t stop. Continue reading

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Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Last July I was introduced to the lovely thing that is a squash blossom by my CSA and since stuffing and frying them, I’ve been waiting all year to do it again. The funny thing about this? I posted a pic online when I made them and since then my uncle asks me for the recipe every time we see each other. Now, usually we don’t see each other much, but since we have both moved to the area we seem to constantly run into each other and I end up hearing another request for a post about squash blossoms. Continue reading

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The Triple By-Pass: KFC’s new creation?

By now, almost everyone has heard about KFC’s sandwich, the Double Down, but what could top it? With KFC riding high on all this press, you know they’ll have to somehow one-up this creation. Well, I was contacted yesterday and shown an advertisement for what could be the Double Down’s successor: The KFC Triple By-Pass. Now, like the Double Down, this “sandwich” contains no bread and looks to be just as difficult to eat (if not more-so). Let’s check out the breakdown: Continue reading

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