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Take Le Whif of this

I’ll admit it: I love candy. I especially love candy from other countries or candy made with non-standard (in the US, anyway) ingredients. While visiting my brother and sister this past weekend for her college graduation, Jess and I slipped away to the mall and checked out the candy store. Among the many candies from around the world they had the most intriguing item. Called “Le Whif,” it was a tube of chocolate powder that you were supposed to “whif” into your mouth. Each tube was said to hold 8 “whifs,” claimed to taste like chocolate, and was mostly organic. You know I had to purchase it. The flavors I had to choose from were “Chocolate,” “Chocolate Raspberry,” “Chocolate Mint (the only artificially flavored one),” and “Coffee.” I decided to buy a variety pack, which contained one stick of each flavor, except coffee. Continue reading

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Yo, Gurt, make your own!

So, a few of you may have read my previous post about yogurt where I said that I would attempt to make my own next. Well, that time has come! The other day I bought a quart of milk from a local dairy for $3.00, and one “starter” yogurt for $1.34. If all went well I’d have a whole quart of yogurt for less than $5.00. Not too shabby, if I don’t say so myself! So, first of all you need all of this stuff: Continue reading

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