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Garden ’10: Weeks 1 – 4

Tomorrow will be the fourth week since attempting my garden this year. All I have going so far are peppers, but I plan to get a few other things going here in the future. During my first gardening attempt last year, I bought 99% of my plants already as seedlings and while that worked out pretty well, I had a problem doing that this year. You see, while Omaha had a ton of plant nurseries, this area of Florida doesn’t. Really… I’ve looked. This means I get to really garden this year, meaning that most everything I grow will be from seed. The main issue with that is simply that I have absolutely no idea how to grow things from seed. Oh well, guess it’s time to learn, huh? Continue reading

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New and improved!

In honor of our upcoming first year anniversary, less than one month away, I’d like to welcome you all to the new and improved Food Geekery! When first building the site I was in a rush to get it done and didn’t really focus that much on usability… mostly just content. Unfortunately over time as the site got more and more visitors, I just wasn’t impressed with what I tossed together and decided that it had to go. While a lot of when existed was fine, there were many things I thought needed a change and this is the culmination of many, many changes. For those of you who are new (or just don’t remember what the site used to look like), here is a side-by-side of the front page in both the old and new format showing the exact same items: Continue reading

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Potato emergency!

Let me set the scene. I just had a long day at the office, Jess is at home, and to be nice she decided to make dinner so I didn’t have to.

The meal required mashing potatoes and I’ll never forget that phone call she made to me: “You need to get home fast. There is a potato emergency!” Continue reading

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