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Fruit Roll-Ups: Simply Fruit

Fruit Roll-Ups aren’t usually considered health food. I mean, they are pretty much the anti-health food, aren’t they? Unfortunately kids love them.

Good news, parents! General Mills has created a new form of Fruit Roll-Up… one that amazingly actually contains fruit! Shocking stuff, friends!! Continue reading

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Puff that Parm!

For anyone questioning what good Twitter is, I think I have an answer. Without it I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this awesome way to play with Parmesan cheese.

If you buy fresh Parm (and who doesn’t), then instead of throwing away the ends check out this post and see what you can do with ’em! Continue reading

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Show time is slow time

This weekend I had to work a trade show for my company. A hair trade show. Yes, really. This has had a lot of unfortunate side effects, sadly.

Among other things, I wasn’t able to plan my shopping or really cook at all this week, so I’m sorry for the minor delay in delicious looking things! Continue reading

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SweeTango – Honeycrisp’s nightmare

Ah, Fall… apple season. The Honeycrisp is as good as an apple can get, isn’t it? It’s sweet, crunchy, juicy, crisp… everything you want in an apple.

That is, until now. Behold… the SweeTango apple! Step inside and see me check out the newest, and perhaps tastiest, apple to come to market. Continue reading

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RIP: Camera Lens

Well, I finally somehow broke my camera lens. Don’t know how it happened, but I first noticed it while Jess and I were out taking some photos in the woods and it wouldn’t focus.

Looks like one of the pieces of the lens shutter was stuck open, causing many issues. Now I need a new one… any suggestions? Continue reading

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Absinthe Verte – St. George Spirits

Absinthe. That word inspires visions of tortured artists, green fairies and many other things. No other liquor has captured the imagination of more people around the world. I decided that I would bite the bullet and give absinthe a try and see if it is as wonderful as the supporters say or as scary as the detractors claim. Continue reading

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Around the Web 2

As most of you have probably done yourselves, I’ve happened to stumble on some good food-related articles/sites in the past few days and thought I’d share!

Today we have some food safety tips, news on obesity, news on food labeling and a couple of stories about things you didn’t think were food. Continue reading

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Joe Fizz – Carbonated Coffee?

What is this? Coffee-flavored soda? No… it is actually coffee soda! Perhaps now I can start drinking soda with breakfast and it suddenly won’t be weird.

I found this stuff lurking in my supermarket and just had to give it a try. Honestly, I’m mixed on it… it isn’t bad, just different. Step inside to read the rest! Continue reading

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Shiner Smokehaus

Happy Labor Day, my US friends! Today is usually celebrated with a nice hunk of meat grilled over some sort of fire, but unfortunately I don’t have a grill.

Good thing that the folks over at Shiner ended up solving my problem through the medium of beer. Presenting Shiner Smokehaus, or, BBQ in a beer bottle! Drink up! Continue reading

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Little. Yellow. Different.

Last Saturday I had my vegetable world turned upside down by Black Sheep Farms. I was handed one of the weirdest vegetables I had ever seen.

What was this? It looked like a tomato, but felt solid like a squash of some sort. If you wish to know the mystery of this item, you’ll have to come inside and read a bit more. Continue reading

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Fiery Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some days I am suddenly inspired to throw caution to the wind and create something based on just a simple thought. This experiment came from exactly one of those sort of days. This recipe combines cheesecake filling, habanero peppers, chocolate chips and more into a very interesting (and tasty) cookie. Continue reading

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