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The Great White Eggplant

I have sailed the seven seas seeking the legendary great White Eggplant that goes by the name Moby Aubergine. This day I not only found it, I captured the beast!

Now join me as we look closer at this cousin to the eggplant you get in your supermarket and be surprised that while it is similar, it is also quite different. Continue reading

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Double Down with KFC

KFC has unveiled the new “Double Down Chicken Sandwich” and I just don’t know what to say about this beast… it is mind-blowing.

The funny thing about this sandwich is that it is part of the “unthink kfc” advertising, which has previously only been for grilled chicken. Continue reading

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Ribfest 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! This Sunday at the Mid-America Center there will be RIBS!! There are so many ribs to be had that this will go on not one, not two, but four days!!!

You can taste the excitement in the air, but you can only view it on this blog! Why pay for a ticket when you can read my review for free?! Continue reading

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Candied Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bacon. Did I get your attention? Chocolate. How about now? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Today we’re going on an adventure… a very bacony adventure. Climb aboard the USS Bacon Eater and join us as we go in search of the awesome force of nature that is bacon combined with chocolate. I can guarantee you will have a great, delicious, cromulent time. Continue reading

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The Southern US and Obesity

Most of you don’t like to see the “dark side” of food, but if I’m going to blog about it, you can’t just get yummy pictures without seeing a bit of the underbelly.

Today we’re going to discuss one of the most hated subjects when it comes to food: Obesity. The question posed comes from Time: “Why are Southerners So Fat?” Continue reading

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Rhubarb Stir Cake

Another week in my CSA and another bunch of rhubarb… what was I to do? I already made pie and every recipe book pretty much told me to make a pie or jam.

I needed something different. I needed cake! Luckily the naked chef, Jamie Oliver, rode to my rescue with his Rhubarb Stir Cake. Step inside for the recipe! Continue reading

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Han Kuk Kwan – Omaha

Recently I found myself being invited to join a friend and his family for lunch at Han Kuk Kwan Korean restaurant. Seeing as how I’ve probably passed this place by about 200 times I decided it would be nice to try out.

I honestly regret not going sooner and I recommend you check it out. Step inside for the full review. Continue reading

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Not easy being green curry

Have you ever paged through a cookbook and come across something so interestingly different that you felt the need to make it? This happened to me the other day.

I was looking through one of my older cookbooks and I found this Green Curry of sorts buried within. Read on a very unique dish! Continue reading

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