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Red Bull Simply Cola

Cola: everyone has their favorites. There are Pepsi people, Coke people… even RC people. So what ever happened to the old “natural” colas? For that matter, what exactly is cola, anyway?

Step inside for a look at Red Bull’s take on a traditional cola and a short lesson on what cola is and what it used to be (learning is fun!). Continue reading

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Salads galore

Time for a run down of some recipes I’ve tried over the past week. Hopefully you like them and will share some of your own. Remember, you only live once so why eat boring?

This time we will be focused on some seasonal salads (which is perfect as I am getting a steady supply of veggies from my CSA and the Farmer’s market). Continue reading

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Would you look at that? We’re live!

The triumphant first post of this here blog explaining the simple origins of this site. Also, a good place to start if you’ve never been here before, I mean, why start at the middle when the beginning is right here? Continue reading

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Crave – Bloomington

This weekend Jess and I decided to take a very last minute trip up to Minneapolis to check out the Minnesota Zoo and go to the Mall of America, since Jess had never shopped there.

We figured that while we were there we might as well check out one of their newer restaurants for dinner: Crave. How was it? Read on to find out! Continue reading

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I say Tomäto

I’m always one to help out someone in need and this week I finished a new website for Tomāto Tomäto, which is a small (but growing) local business dedicated to locally grown food.

Check out this article to see the site design and also to find out about one of Omaha’s newest up and coming companies! Continue reading

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Garden ’09: Week 4

Has it only been a month? My plants have started growing like there is no tomorrow! At this rate I’ll be harvesting much sooner than I thought… it’s amazing! I also finally have my warm-weather growers… whoo!

I really can’t wait to start cooking with these guys… nothing like fresh-picked flavor! Continue reading

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Cooking vs. Buying

On of the things that I’ve always wondered about was whether all the cooking I was doing was really saving me any money, or if it was just a tastier alternative.

Luckily I was recently shown an article where someone put that question to the test and the answers are pretty interesting! Step inside to see the results! Continue reading

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