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The Triple By-Pass: KFC’s new creation?

By now, almost everyone has heard about KFC’s sandwich, the Double Down, but what could top it? With KFC riding high on all this press, you know they’ll have to somehow one-up this creation. Well, I was contacted yesterday and shown an advertisement for what could be the Double Down’s successor: The KFC Triple By-Pass. Now, like the Double Down, this “sandwich” contains no bread and looks to be just as difficult to eat (if not more-so). Let’s check out the breakdown: Continue reading

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C’mon, Fox…

The good: My blog post and images about the KFC Double Down Sandwich is so popular it was shown on Fox News. How cool was that?

The bad: There was absolutely no mention of this blog either as where the images or information came from. Just because it is on the internet doesn’t make it free to take. Continue reading

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Double Down with KFC

KFC has unveiled the new “Double Down Chicken Sandwich” and I just don’t know what to say about this beast… it is mind-blowing.

The funny thing about this sandwich is that it is part of the “unthink kfc” advertising, which has previously only been for grilled chicken. Continue reading

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