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Down on the farm

Last week I knew I had a three day weekend coming up and I didn’t exactly know what to do with it, so I thought I’d offer my help to anyone who needed it. Amazingly, the very first person I asked was willing to take me up on my offer and asked if I was willing to drive up to Bonifay to help out on the farm and build a chicken coop. Can’t say I’ve ever done it, but I’m always up for something new. I was asked to meet up at the farm around 6:30 AM to grab some breakfast before we got started. Continue reading

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The Great White Eggplant

I have sailed the seven seas seeking the legendary great White Eggplant that goes by the name Moby Aubergine. This day I not only found it, I captured the beast!

Now join me as we look closer at this cousin to the eggplant you get in your supermarket and be surprised that while it is similar, it is also quite different. Continue reading

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Crave – Bloomington

This weekend Jess and I decided to take a very last minute trip up to Minneapolis to check out the Minnesota Zoo and go to the Mall of America, since Jess had never shopped there.

We figured that while we were there we might as well check out one of their newer restaurants for dinner: Crave. How was it? Read on to find out! Continue reading

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I say Tomäto

I’m always one to help out someone in need and this week I finished a new website for Tomāto Tomäto, which is a small (but growing) local business dedicated to locally grown food.

Check out this article to see the site design and also to find out about one of Omaha’s newest up and coming companies! Continue reading

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Dan Barber talks Foie Gras

Chef Dan Barber speaks at a TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference about an experience he had with what some people are calling ‘Ethical Foie Gras’.

This is a good watch for anyone wondering about the whole “eat local” movement and why new isn’t always better. Continue reading

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Do you CSA?

Back in January I was messing around on the internet, and I stumbled across something I had never heard before: CSA. Now, I knew what a Farmer’s Market was, but I had never heard of this concept. For those of you who were like me and have no idea what it is, CSA simply stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. This cool program allows […] Continue reading

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