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A more stout chicken soup

It was Monday night after a long trip, I hadn’t gone shopping and suddenly it dawned on me: “I need something for lunch, tomorrow!” This wasn’t good. I didn’t want to leave the house as I was feeling very lazy and I didn’t even know what I needed. Nope, this time I’d be eating whatever I could create from my pantry and fridge. It was my own hellish version of “Chopped.” Continue reading

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Smashburger – Omaha

A little over a month ago, Jess and I were driving over to Jason’s Deli to grab a quick bite to eat and we noticed a new restaurant opening almost next door. It was called “Smashburger” and I had never heard of it. A little research and it turns out this may be the next great burger shop. Read along as I take my first look! Continue reading

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Shiner Smokehaus

Happy Labor Day, my US friends! Today is usually celebrated with a nice hunk of meat grilled over some sort of fire, but unfortunately I don’t have a grill.

Good thing that the folks over at Shiner ended up solving my problem through the medium of beer. Presenting Shiner Smokehaus, or, BBQ in a beer bottle! Drink up! Continue reading

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