Double Down with KFC

Another Follow-up: The Double Down’s Successor?  The Triple By-Pass


New Follow-up!!!  The Double Down will be released nation-wide on April 12th!!  Details here:

KFC: Return of the Double Down


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I saw this commercial yesterday and couldn’t find anything about it online or even on the KFC website.  I thought I had dreamed it up, but when it came on today I snagged it with my cellphone (sorry ’bout the quality):

You just saw the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich.  Who dreamed this up?  This is perhaps the most insane “sandwich” I have ever seen. A fried chicken patty, 2 slices of cheese, 2 slices of bacon, and another fried chicken patty.  Wow.  Sorry I don’t have much else to say, it is like the Monster Burger of chicken.  My mind is boggled… the funny thing about this sandwich is that it is part of the “unthink kfc” advertising, which has previously only been for grilled chicken.

So, upon seeing this I did what anyone would do and drove over to KFC to buy the beast.  The “meal” is $6.99, but you can buy the sandwich for a mere $4.99.  The description from the horse’s mouth:

  • 2 Original Recipe Filets
  • Bacon
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Colonel’s Sauce

So, what does it look like?  Check out some photos:

Behold the sign!

Behold the sign!

The unboxing...

The unboxing...

There she is.

There she is.

A bit of a closeup for ya…

The KFC Double Down Sandwich... its.... something, alright!

The KFC Double Down Sandwich... it's.... something, alright!

So, what does it taste like?  Well, let me let Jess tell you:

That’s it?  That is the sandwich?  That’s not worth five dollars.  <takes a bite>  Oh… oh my God.  That is the best thing ever.  I don’t know what “Colonel’s Sauce” is, but it is like a party in my mouth.  This is completely worth the five dollars.  Unfortunately I’m going to end up weighing 700 lbs after this, but it is simply amazing.

Now, I didn’t get that orgasmic feeling from it, then again, I’m not a huge fan of fast food.  So, there you have it.  Thoughts on this new offering from KFC?


Update – 08/21/2009


Looks like the world has made it to my sleepy little corner of the web.  Thank you Consumerist, This is Why You’re Fat, 9 News and all the other blogs and news articles!

Now then, it looks like some people are doubting this is a true sandwich, so for SCIENCE I decided to go down and get some more shots to prove to you that yes, you can legally harden your arteries with this monster (plus, Jess is addicted to them).  Here we go!



The sign of things to come...


Who's that in the window?



What to choose... what to choose?


Perhaps this will quench my hunger!

Making & Receipt:


Caitlyn makes these like a pro!



The Sandwiches (one opened, one split in half):


Feed me Seymour, feed me!!


Ninja chop!!

Need any more proof?  😉

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285 Responses to Double Down with KFC

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  2. bluredoasis bluredoasis says:

    An Unbelievably great tasting sandwich!! Way to go KFC..

  3. Can’t a guy look up one thing without stupid people slamming their heads against each other like mountain goats? “HURR DURR KFC IS EVIL PETA RULEZ!” “HURR GREENIE GO EAT A SALAD”

    It’s like being at a zoo, except less entertaining and more pathetic.

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  7. leanne leanne says:

    I can’t believe people are making a big deal about how horrible this things is.

    The only thing bad is the Sodium.

    A hamburger at most fast food restaurants or sit down restaruants are worse for you than this.

    Grilled Double Down only has 460 calories and 23g of Fat while the original has 540 calories 32g of Fat. Not bad at all.

    Humans have lived eating protein and fat for thousands of years before industrial agriculture came and we loaded on carbs. Which is what causes Diabetes type 2, and alot of the issues we face today.

  8. sandi sandi says:

    Good idea…gone bad.

    I just had the grilled Double Down. WHAT A MESS! The chicken was too hot to hold, there was sauce and grease running out of the wrapper, the cheese and the 1/2 slice of bacon was stuck to the paper, ugh!
    This was a great low-carb idea and perfect for those with celiac disease (wheat allergy) but you have to eat it with a knife and fork – it is NOT a sandwich.

  9. Jess Jess says:

    @Sandi – you are a double down hater. It’s great, if you are concerned about the way it looks then you don’t eat out much. Go to a diff KFC, mine was amazing!!!!

  10. sandi sandi says:

    Never said I hated it! And I certainly never said I hated th way it looked (are you sure you read MY post?) I’m telling you – there was at least 2 ounces of liquid that poured from the paper and I was missing the cheese and bacon that was stuck to the paper – a legitimate complaint since that is 2/3 of the makeup of this ‘sandwich’. It tasted fine once I put it onh a plate, it is just not a sandwich.

  11. doug doug says:

    Tried the new KFC ‘Double Down’ sandwich tonight.
    SHAME on them, went though the drive-thu, got the sandwich home & had to microwave it, was barely room temperature.

    Had one piece of bacon, thought it was supposed to be two, cheese? what cheese, maybe 1/2 of a slice.

    $5.34 with tax for another KFC corporate screw the customer rip off! SHAME SHAME SHAME..

  12. Ruby Ruby says:

    Americans wonder why the world shakes their heads at them.

    Scary what this “sandwich” says about the American diet.

  13. pisser pisser says:

    For all u KFC Fanatics, Go to Pam Anderson’s web site on peta and KFC. I think you might think twice about eating anything from KFC.

  14. Austringer Austringer says:

    I just tried a Double Down. It was overpriced ($8 for the combo) and nowhere near as good as KFC’s plain ol’ fried chicken. I predict the Double Down won’t be around for very long: it’s likely just a marketing gimmick to grab some headlines.

  15. Low Carb dude Low Carb dude says:

    This is probably the healthiest item to hit the fast food market. Anyone battling type II diabetes and obesity know’s that the enemy is sugar and carbs, not FAT. There is only 3 CARBS in the grilled version of this, outstanding! What increases HDL…increased FAT, what decreases triglycerides….restricted sugar and carbs (bread, starches, flour, wheat, grains). This is just what the cardiologist ordered. Those of you that think eating SAT FAT causes heart disease..think again…check out the most recent study published in the AJCN Jan 2010….
    Way to go KFC, you’ve got this locarber vote!

  16. poopsie12 poopsie12 says:

    not sure why everyone is freaking out, its 540 calories not a “days worth”. dont be stupid make smart choices. TOUCHE!

  17. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Anybody who eats at KFC on a regular basis is a complete moron.

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  19. Robin Robin says:

    I’m Excited! Looks yummy! I don’t plan on eating one every day, so you don’t have to worry about “America” me weighing a bazillion pounds – but it will be a nice treat for myself every now and again. I workout so on occassion I can eat junk like this! 🙂

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  21. Adrian Adrian says:

    Eating one as I type this!! I hope it sticks around for a while! I really like it! Might have another one for dinner!!! lol

  22. Kerry Kerry says:

    Funny how the KFC kitchen’s ‘estimate’ the calorie count at 540. The Vancouver Sun ran it to an independent lab and came up with 1220 calories, which makes far more sense.

    I looked up a blueberry muffin from Starbuck’s today. THAT thing has 470 calories in it, so no way does the double down have only 540.

  23. JACKIE JACKIE says:

    Just got the double down, IT WAS AWFUL!! It was way over priced for two puny pieces of soggy not even fresh crunchy chicken, microwaved shriveled bacon, and cheese and disgusting sauce sloppily mushed together in a box. i was expecting a decent sandwich because im not very hard to please. the sandwich was half as big as the pictures and was a waste. and i wouldnt be surprised if all the nutritional information KFC is giving out is wrong, i can make it way healthier and better at home – not worth the wait and money at all! the fried chicken or mashed potato bowl is a better deal and tastier.

  24. devon devon says:

    how much is one. just 1 not meal just the so called sanwhich

  25. Anthony Anthony says:

    At least it’s healthier than a big mac or a whopper…

  26. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Nutrition values can be found on for both the original recipe and grilled. For someone on a low carb diet or diabetic like me, I love the grilled version! Sodium is high, but only 3 carbs for 61 grams of protein. I drive over to Fazzoli’s for their $1.79 side salad, then slice the chicken over it-yum! Gives me the protein boost I need after a workout at the gym.

  27. ryan ryan says:

    looks like heaven, but no way would I pay $5 for a sandwich…and actually fat wise, it’s lower than most burgers and if you’re on a low carb diet this would work for you

  28. JacquelynI JacquelynI says:

    I tried this today after someone posted on FB about it and then I did a little research. I’m usually not one to revel in gluttony like “The Baconater” or “Thickburgers”….Anyways, both sides were so passionate about the hideousness /glory of it that I had to try it myself.

    MEH. My location only offered the fried version, and it wasn’t crispy at all. Very mushy, very difficult to eat. The cheese was nasty. Seriously, they’d have been better off putting cheeze whiz on it. And to add insult to injury, KFC doesn’t offer sweet tea….not even in the south, where sweet tea is as commonplace as water.

    Bottom Line: Glad I tried it….now I don’t have to wonder anymore. But will I ever buy it again? Nope.

  29. Shayleigh. Shayleigh. says:

    ok, so i work at KFC. these things are a pain in the ass. 540 calories for a sandwich??!! eat two of these things and you’ve reached your calorie quota for the day. the “colonel’s sauce” is a zesty mayonnaise. two pieces of bacon. pepperjack and Monterrey jack cheese. two “fillets”

    this al equals out to be a

    heartattack in a box.

  30. neil neil says:


  31. Craig Craig says:

    The double down. Is easy going down. no bread to get in the way! It is AWSOME!!!! EAT IT NOW!!!! I had a Crispy and Grilled at the same time!!!! (I am preparing not to eat for several days). I just wish it was bigger!!!!
    USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!!USA!!!! WERE BACK Baby!!!! Who came up with meat sandwich? We DID!!!!

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  33. John John says:

    The sandwich was good but talk about a rip off!! The thin was tindy and cost $5 for just sandwich- bs!! Over rated!!!1

  34. Nonreality Nonreality says:

    Just had one and it was smaller in appearance than that of the commercials but seemed to make up for it in weight. 5 bucks at first seemed too much but 3/4’s of the way through realized how full I was getting. Both my son and I really liked it as it was cooked just right and not greasy at all. We had the original and I agree that the 540 calorie count cannot be right. It has to be at least 800 or more. Probably won’t have it again because it would probably kill me. It did meet all my expectations. This is something that could vary a lot as to quality depending on who is making it. So as they say, your mileage may vary.

  35. fatty fatty says:

    1200 calories, enjoy your pudge 🙂


    seriously, we wrote about HOW HORRIBLE this delicious fried cutlet sandwich is not only bad for you – BUT ALSO FOR HEALTHCARE COST.

    still. its soooo yummy.

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  38. Dannygirl Dannygirl says:

    I tried it for the first time tonight. It was actually pretty tasty; however, I was not able to eat the whole thing (those chick fillets are pretty thick!). However, I do think it needs a little extra sauce because it tends to get dry in the middle. The bacon could be cooked a little more-undercooked bacon makes me gag so I had to pull the pieces off. Maybe they should go w/a chopped variety to ensure that it’s cooked properly. Undercooked bacon should be outlawed.
    Overall-I’m a fan because I, for one, am sick of overly breaded sandwiches!!! 🙂

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  40. Jan-ny Rock-Its Jan-ny Rock-Its says:

    to be honest, i really don’t know if i should find this serving to be really delicious or just plain disgusting. although i’d be interested to see how this product would fare here in the Philippines.

  41. Cameron Cameron says:

    Whats the big deal? The Alice Springs chicken entree from Outback is practically the same thing and no one is screaming about it.

  42. Noah Noah says:

    I decided to try this ‘Sandwich’ last night due to the commercials I heard on the radio. I’ll admit it was pretty tasty, it was like someone’s idea of a quick and messy version of a Chicken Cordon Blue but instead of ham they used bacon. I wouldn’t plan a healthy diet around this sandwich, but on a cheat day I think it’s worth $5.

  43. Scott Scott says:

    this is horrifying. no wonder we’re all so FAT.

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  45. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    My grandson &I tried the double down &
    were very dissapointed the breast they
    show on t.v. are nothing like what they
    serve. I mean they are really small.Not
    really all that good.

  46. Jack Jack says:

    My god this looks tasty. The colonel has finally out done himself. I cant wait to devoir his secret herbs and spices.

  47. connor and ding dong connor and ding dong says:

    this is fantastic whoever thought of this is god. hey jack hows it pal?

  48. connor and ding dong connor and ding dong says:

    whoever invented this burger is god… literally. hey jack hows it

  49. what chow what chow says:

    ris rurger rooks rewl rood

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