Double Down with KFC

Another Follow-up: The Double Down’s Successor?  The Triple By-Pass


New Follow-up!!!  The Double Down will be released nation-wide on April 12th!!  Details here:

KFC: Return of the Double Down


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I saw this commercial yesterday and couldn’t find anything about it online or even on the KFC website.  I thought I had dreamed it up, but when it came on today I snagged it with my cellphone (sorry ’bout the quality):

You just saw the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich.  Who dreamed this up?  This is perhaps the most insane “sandwich” I have ever seen. A fried chicken patty, 2 slices of cheese, 2 slices of bacon, and another fried chicken patty.  Wow.  Sorry I don’t have much else to say, it is like the Monster Burger of chicken.  My mind is boggled… the funny thing about this sandwich is that it is part of the “unthink kfc” advertising, which has previously only been for grilled chicken.

So, upon seeing this I did what anyone would do and drove over to KFC to buy the beast.  The “meal” is $6.99, but you can buy the sandwich for a mere $4.99.  The description from the horse’s mouth:

  • 2 Original Recipe Filets
  • Bacon
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Colonel’s Sauce

So, what does it look like?  Check out some photos:

Behold the sign!

Behold the sign!

The unboxing...

The unboxing...

There she is.

There she is.

A bit of a closeup for ya…

The KFC Double Down Sandwich... its.... something, alright!

The KFC Double Down Sandwich... it's.... something, alright!

So, what does it taste like?  Well, let me let Jess tell you:

That’s it?  That is the sandwich?  That’s not worth five dollars.  <takes a bite>  Oh… oh my God.  That is the best thing ever.  I don’t know what “Colonel’s Sauce” is, but it is like a party in my mouth.  This is completely worth the five dollars.  Unfortunately I’m going to end up weighing 700 lbs after this, but it is simply amazing.

Now, I didn’t get that orgasmic feeling from it, then again, I’m not a huge fan of fast food.  So, there you have it.  Thoughts on this new offering from KFC?


Update – 08/21/2009


Looks like the world has made it to my sleepy little corner of the web.  Thank you Consumerist, This is Why You’re Fat, 9 News and all the other blogs and news articles!

Now then, it looks like some people are doubting this is a true sandwich, so for SCIENCE I decided to go down and get some more shots to prove to you that yes, you can legally harden your arteries with this monster (plus, Jess is addicted to them).  Here we go!



The sign of things to come...


Who's that in the window?



What to choose... what to choose?


Perhaps this will quench my hunger!

Making & Receipt:


Caitlyn makes these like a pro!



The Sandwiches (one opened, one split in half):


Feed me Seymour, feed me!!


Ninja chop!!

Need any more proof?  😉

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285 Responses to Double Down with KFC

  1. Dingdong Dingdong says:

    This burger looks bloody amazing. Cant wait to sample this when it gets to New Zealand! Hey jack.

  2. Jack Jack says:

    Hey Chingaling

  3. no soul no soul says:

    this looks fantastic, id sell my soul for one….oooooooohhhhhh hang on

  4. Frodo Frodo says:

    I love KFC!

  5. i just came to comment cause all yall are fatasses!

  6. Brook Brook says:

    This sandwich looks really good on T.V. Well that is where is should stay. I went through the drive through and ordered this sandwich. for one it cost $5.95 not worth it. I usually have an iron stomach but wow I am hurting. The chicken breast were soggy and the sauce tasted like it was sour.

  7. marlon marlon says:

    Okay, to all the people who think this sandwich is good and you’ll keep buying them, well when you have heart disease and cancers and all that mess don’t wonder why. And yes the people on here thats trying to tell you how awful these fast food chains are, they are not trying to put it in your face, they are trying to eduacate you. I am really tired of seeing people suffer for nothing. All fast food companies and so fourth only want money, your health means nothing to them. I give thumbs up to all who are trying their best to eduacate people on this mess. As far as one comment I read saying something about “all is needed is for us to burn it off”, bull crap, half the negative comments have no idea of what the chemicals in fast foods does to them. Why do you think Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, HEart Disease is so high. Why do you think other countries REFUSE to get foods exported from the US, and as far as I know, China does not allow food exports from the US, but the US gets food from china. Other countries seem to be smarter than alot of us in our own country. MSG, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, 100’s of food recalls. Its a shame, the US needs to open they eyes and take control and get things back like it was before they started adding this and that to the food supply and genetically modifying foods. I give props to those on here who know not to eat this garbage, and yes it looks good, good looks don’t mean healthy either. And one more thing and um done, people doing all this carb counting, calorie counting and so on, all that mess is a bunch of crap too, eat the proper foods, you want have a problem, peoples health was fine with God’s food until man stepped in a started manipulating, and adding this and that. Gods food is already perfect, corn was okay back in the day but now all corn is pretty much hazardous, GENETICALLY modified, and those genes from those corrupt crops float in the air contaminating other crops and from there, who knows. I guess i’ll wait for the disagreements, but I don’t care, I know about all of this stuff down to the “T”

  8. marlon marlon says:

    Someone said those fillets are pretty thick, you know why, growth hormones(LOL)
    They say no growth hormones and all that, these companies know they can tell us anything because they know 80% of the public will believe them. Down here in Talladega, Alabama, they have opened up an “OMG” donuts, and from what I here everybody that goes in their has some kind of over hang. Man………………..I heard someone call the United States the Obese country, that hurt my feelings, so I am educated on the problems and trying to help people, and educate them

  9. marlon marlon says:

    One more thing and um done, hate to bust some peoples bubbles. This is my opinion and I can say what I wanna say. They tell you diabetes can’t be reversed, They lied, they say sickness and disease can’t be treated or cured without a drug, THEY lied, They say Cancer can’t be treated without drugs,chemo, radiation, THEY lied, why do you think they mad with Suzanne Summers, she put a book out about it and they tried to pull it. Say what you want to say, the ones who get mad and say negative things are the ones who are being dumbed down by our FDA and their associates. Things not the way they use to be in the good ol days, they trying to make people sick on purpose, OOPS did i say that. Bye now

  10. marlon marlon says:

    I said that was it but I keep reading ignorant statements like this one.

    “Free Refills Says:
    This is truly one of the things that makes America Great.

    God Bless America and God Bless KFC!”

    This person says God bless America and KFC and this is what makes America great. WOW, this has got to be one of the dumbest quotes i’ve read. For one, High Fructose corn syrup in the drinks cause Diabetes, Cancer which is from Fungus also, obesity, and a whole list of other things, the acid in the drinks eats you stomach lining, i’m not gonna even remark on coca cola and pepsi and what else is in them.

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  12. S S says:

    KFC and the Komen Foundation are PROMOTING cancer:

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  14. Bryce Bryce says:

    I tried it. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t horrible. It definitely wasn’t worth the price!

  15. Jack and Steven Jack and Steven says:

    it was like jesus inside my mouth. I would give everything i own for this sandwhich. Bryce says its not worth the price but i say that the price is not worth the sandwhich. I felt as though i was robbing America when i took a bite out of pure goodness, apple pie and hot dogs can go f**k themselves America has a new national food. As fathers (we are gay lovers who have adopted) of three I love my children more than anything in the world but i would gladly sell them to KFC for one more chance to taste the heaven that is the double down. Miliseconds after my teeth broke through the crispy chicken i felt as though i had entered a new world, i thought there could be nothing better until melted cheese drizzled into my mouth from both sides as top and bottom jaw slowly came together i achieved rapture, then salty, crispy, delicious, bacon slipped into my mouth caressing my tastebuds more than Glen Beck can touch my soul.

  16. Sniper Games Sniper Games says:

    You know for as unhealthy as this thing looks (and is) it is amazingly good. Its something that has to be eaten in moderation, kinda like donuts. Try it!

  17. bobbi langley bobbi langley says:

    looks really good but get this…i live in texas city, a few miles from Houston. i have gone to every surrounding kfc in my area and they all say they are out of bacon for their sandwich. asking around i found out why. it just so happens that all of the kfc stores in my area are owned by arabic people and therefore will not be selling the double down with bacon because they do not believe in eating pork. i was shocked especially since they should be worried about what the consumer wants correct?

  18. Rick Rick says:

    Its the worst bastardization of the Chicken Cordon-Bleu I’ve ever seen.

    Not as bad as the Baconator though.

  19. michael bocian michael bocian says:

    f_ck KFC there are biggest abusers of chickens in the world and they should all be hung by there feet until death …and eye for and eye
    all 120,000,000 baby roosters are put into grinders alive to feed chickens that can’t even stand up in a box this is discusting and one, ” SHOULD NOT SUPPORT KFC!!!”

  20. michael bocian michael bocian says:


  21. michael bocian michael bocian says:


  22. Jack and Steven Jack and Steven says:

    I don’t know what Michael Bocian is saying this is by far one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life and like i said before id sell my children for this sandwich. You really haven’t lived until you’ve taken a bite out of this masterpiece of chicken and cheese and bacon combined with the secret sauce! It’s like Rush Limbaugh speaking to America its truly beautiful.

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  25. Luis Luis says:

    People need to get over this. It’s not THAT serious. If you go to a KFC and check it out for yourself, you’ll see that it’s really small in person and it isn’t worth the REALLY high price you pay for it.

    As for KFC abusing chickens: whether we’re cutting off their beaks, stuffing them in boxes, or grinding them to feed other chickens, THEY ARE CHICKENS. You have to be insane if you think a chicken’s life is worth the same as a human life, or even close to it. I’m sure the chickens don’t appreciate being raised in captivity, or much less, being had for dinner.


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  27. Pete Pete says:

    One can only wonder if this new sandwich will come with a matching scented candle like the White Castle one

  28. Dannygirl Dannygirl says:

    I ate one, and I’m not fat. 🙂

    It’s all about portion control and common fucking sense. If you eat a DD every day, then yeah, expect your ass to get bigger. *eyeroll*
    Also, expect an onset of diabetes and everything else that can go wrong when eating fried food slathered in cheese, oils, and covered in bacon EVERY DAY. Common Sense. It’s what’s for dinner (or should be).

  29. Smokezz Smokezz says:

    Before complaining about the Double Down… and it’s 1500mg of salt (Yes, bad)…. take a look at say the Delissio pizza’s sold in the super markets (or any of the pre-packaged pizza’s). 1/6 of the pizza = 980mg salt. And the average person will eat 1/3 or more of the pizza. MORE THAN THE KFC DOUBLE DOWN WITH AN ORDER OF FRIES.

    Food sold in the supermarket simply plays with the numbers, using very small portions to fool you into thinking you’re not getting far too much fat/sodium. Fast food is bad, but it’s really not worse than what you’re buying in the grocery store.

  30. Stephen Stephen says:

    No wonder us American’s are so fat we are using fried chicken as bread!

    ugh btw this is disgusting looking, just seeing it makes me squeamish!

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  32. derran derran says:

    it must come to england cos the fast food here is so boring

  33. how to cook how to cook says:

    KFC and the Komen Foundation are PROMOTING cancer:

  34. Food sold in the supermarket simply plays with the numbers, using very small portions to fool you into thinking you’re not getting far too much fat/sodium. Fast food is bad, but it’s really not worse than what you’re buying in the grocery store.

  35. ????? ????? says:


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