I say Tomäto

I’m always one to help out someone in need and this week I finished a new website for Tomāto Tomäto, which is a small (but growing) local business.

How fancy!

How fancy!

You can check out my design to the right (or just go to their site).  What do you think?  Not bad, eh?  I also helped them trade in their old calculator and cash register for a Quickbooks POS system by HP.  The machine has made a major difference in the way they do business and I’m glad I could help them out!  So then, what do they do?  Well, from the horse’s mouth:

Tomāto Tomäto is a year-round indoor Farmer’s Market located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are open to the public and carry locally grown, raised and made products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, meats, greens, eggs, cheese, honey, jams, herbs, chocolate and much more.

It’s pretty cool… last year when I missed the normal Farmer’s Markets (all of which are on Saturday and are done by 1:00 PM), I was out of luck and ended up buying my goods from a store.  Now with having Tomāto Tomäto around I have a ton of chances to pick up most of my goods (while not all vendors are at the store, many of the ones I buy from are).  It’s really an awesome idea and I wish more places had something like it.

I suggest that any of my readers from the Omaha area go ahead and check them out, it’s the best way to see what local foods you can get without waking up early on a Saturday or driving around to farms.

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