C’mon, Fox…

C’mon, Fox…

Okay, mini-rant.  It looks like my little post about the KFC Double Down has spread everywhere, including to cable news:


That was Fox News… please note that there was no mention of the blog or anything else.  Because of this I have now watermarked the photos and hope that no one else decides that they can just swipe images I took and make no mention of it.  Really, just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is free for you to use without asking.

The least they could do is at least mention where they got the images and where people could go to see more.  Now comes the fun part of trying to contact Fox…


Update: 09/26/09

It looks like MSNBC likes to use images without sourcing as well:  Watch Zeitgeist “borrow” my photo Well, because of all this I took the advice of a few people and threw up a new “Terms & Conditions” page… never thought I’d hafta do that!

Why can’t everyone be like the Kansas City Star?  Not only did they apologize and update their article, they also wrote the following:

A new test-market “sandwich” from KFC has been making the Internet rounds recently, and a poll about whether readers would want to try it or not showed up on KansasCity.com’s Stargazing blog last night. The item used a photo of the “Double Down” that has shown up all over the place — but without credit.Jason Kelley of Food Geekery e-mailed me this morning to request that KansasCity.com credit his photo, which many media sources are using similarly uncredited. As he writes in an item on his site, “Really, just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is free for you to use without asking.”

Amen. KansasCity.com and The Star expect others not to use their content improperly, so they should obviously do the same. Jason’s site merely requests that others using the image note where it came from. That’s reasonable and generous. The Stargazing item has been fixed.

Thank you, guys.

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  1. Tracy Says:


    That is a bummer. It wouldn’t have killed them to give a little credit. Idiots. Write a letter!! 🙂

  2. Tim Says:

    Double check to make sure you have appropriate copyright markers on your website & pictures. If you do, go after them for copyright infringement. If you don’t start now.

    Hope this helps.

  3. P. Mitchell Says:

    I like how the fox news youtube link has been removed from YouTube due to copyright violation…


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