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Queen Bee Cupcakes – Seaside

You ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? The day I discovered Queen Bee Cupcakes started off being one of those. The first sign that I was in trouble came from the weather. Since the farmer’s market is a good 45 minutes away I had to get up early and leave just after sunrise, yet when I was getting ready to go, it was still dark out. Upon further review, it was storming out… and not one of those nice little showers, I’m talking gale force winds here, people. Oh well, I needed to get milk and eggs and by Jove I was going! Continue reading

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Kitchen Witch’s Whoopie Pies

Today is Food Geekery’s One Year Anniversary! Yep, one year ago today this site came online (though it wasn’t completely live for a couple of months) and over 70 articles later we’re still going strong! I really want to thank all my readers and twitter followers for being so great as I stumble around the world of food. I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’m learning a lot and that’s the most important thing! When it came to today, I wasn’t going to do anything special to celebrate, but then, what’s this? Continue reading

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Around the Web 3

As most of you have probably done yourselves, I’ve happened to stumble on some interesting food-related articles/sites in the past few days and thought I’d share! All links come with an excerpt, but you should really visit the sites for the full articles. Continue reading

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A more stout chicken soup

It was Monday night after a long trip, I hadn’t gone shopping and suddenly it dawned on me: “I need something for lunch, tomorrow!” This wasn’t good. I didn’t want to leave the house as I was feeling very lazy and I didn’t even know what I needed. Nope, this time I’d be eating whatever I could create from my pantry and fridge. It was my own hellish version of “Chopped.” Continue reading

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Gravel Road – Seagrove Beach

Back in Omaha we had a favorite breakfast place… Bailey’s. I know I never officially reviewed them, but they were awesome… in fact, the last day we were in Omaha we started off breakfast there, as we did at least a few times a month. I ended up taking photos for a review, so look to one in the future once I gather all my thoughts. Anyway, back to the review at hand. Ever since arriving in Florida, Jess and I have been on a quest to find a great breakfast place as Jess loves breakfast to death. I would say it is probably her favorite meal of the day… if prepared right. So when I was pointed to the breakfast at the Gravel Road restaurant (by one of their sous chefs, no less) while wandering the Farmer’s Market as usual, never being one to hesitate, I finished up my shopping and headed right over. I grabbed an order of biscuits and gravy to go for Jess and ran back home. Continue reading

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Chili – Mark I

Nothing helps fix a cold day quite like a bowl of chili, you know? The weather here in Northern Florida continues to stay in the 30’s and 40’s so I needed something pretty warm to keep me going throughout the day as well as fill me up right. I was digging around my spice cabinet and decided that I would make chili, but instead of using a recipe or “chili powder,” I’d go ahead and make the whole thing from scratch and winging the whole thing. I admit, this could have gone horribly wrong, but amazingly it came out great. Continue reading

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Garden ’10: Weeks 1 – 4

Tomorrow will be the fourth week since attempting my garden this year. All I have going so far are peppers, but I plan to get a few other things going here in the future. During my first gardening attempt last year, I bought 99% of my plants already as seedlings and while that worked out pretty well, I had a problem doing that this year. You see, while Omaha had a ton of plant nurseries, this area of Florida doesn’t. Really… I’ve looked. This means I get to really garden this year, meaning that most everything I grow will be from seed. The main issue with that is simply that I have absolutely no idea how to grow things from seed. Oh well, guess it’s time to learn, huh? Continue reading

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New and improved!

In honor of our upcoming first year anniversary, less than one month away, I’d like to welcome you all to the new and improved Food Geekery! When first building the site I was in a rush to get it done and didn’t really focus that much on usability… mostly just content. Unfortunately over time as the site got more and more visitors, I just wasn’t impressed with what I tossed together and decided that it had to go. While a lot of when existed was fine, there were many things I thought needed a change and this is the culmination of many, many changes. For those of you who are new (or just don’t remember what the site used to look like), here is a side-by-side of the front page in both the old and new format showing the exact same items: Continue reading

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Potato emergency!

Let me set the scene. I just had a long day at the office, Jess is at home, and to be nice she decided to make dinner so I didn’t have to.

The meal required mashing potatoes and I’ll never forget that phone call she made to me: “You need to get home fast. There is a potato emergency!” Continue reading

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Durian – Hail to the King, baby.

When most people are told to think of a tropical fruit they think of bananas or mango or even guava… most don’t think of the durian.

To tell the truth, many people in this part of the world have never heard of this fruit, but once you see one (or smell one), they’re pretty hard to forget. Continue reading

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Remembering Omaha

Originally this was supposed to be my last post before leaving Omaha. Unfortunately due to many different things, this didn’t get finished.

Luckily the dust is settling and what was once my last post from Omaha will be my first post from Panama City. Today I fondly look back at my favorite Omaha places… Continue reading

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Let’s get moving!

In just a few weeks this blogger will be posting live from sunny Florida, rather than snowy Nebraska. What a change in scenery, no?

This move will be a challenge for me, though, as Northwestern Florida isn’t known for its food scene. In fact, I don’t think it has one. Continue reading

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Vosges Bacon Caramel Toffee

While doing my shopping for Thanksgiving this week, I didn’t actually think I’d find one of the best taste combinations I’d ever eaten.

As I walked past the big tower of chocolate my eyes instinctively locked in on a glorious word: Bacon. And not just bacon, this was… toffee. Continue reading

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Vegan/Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I always feel bad for people with gluten allergies. They miss out on some of the best food, one of them being cookies. The “cookies” they get usually are like stones.

This recipe was made to try and please everyone… you can bring ’em to a party and be safe in knowing that pretty much everyone can eat them! Continue reading

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