Garden ’09: Week 4

One month down and now the season has warmed up enough for me to finally get the rest of my crops planted and growing.

Growin up strong!

I have nowhere to stand!

You’ll probably notice that I once again rearranged everything.  This wasn’t really all my doing.  Jess decided it looked nicer this way and who am I to argue?  I just want them to grow up strong and tasty.  So far it seems like they aren’t bothered so I don’t mind one bit.

So I’ve finally gotten my “final” crop list and here it is:

Growin up strong!

I have nowhere to sit!

Strawberries | Kale |
Bok Choy | Pak Choy |
Garlic | Carrots |
Celery | Leeks |
Onions | Bell Peppers |
Jalapenos | Tomatoes |
Swiss Chard | Basil |
Chives | Oregano |
Parsley | Chervil |
Peppermint |
Chocolate Mint |
Summer Savory |
Cilantro | Nasturtium

Not bad!  The big questions are, will it all grow and if so, will it all taste good?  Stay tuned for future updates (probably much wider spaced) and conclusions about how it all worked out for me this year! So, tell me that I’m not the only one with a garden growing on his balcony… share your experiences with us!

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