If you’d have told me back in 2006 that I would be running a food blog, I’d have laughed at you. Prior to late 2007 my idea of cooking was usually throwing something in my deep fryer… and not anything good, either.

To be completely honest, even this was actually very rare as I would much rather go out and eat if I could. I’m not talking about going out to a nice restaurant, no, I am referring to fast food, and even then I didn’t like most things they carried.  I was what they called “a picky eater,” and they weren’t lying when they said it.  I hated pretty much every vegetable prepared almost every way with the exception of creamed corn (from a can), tomatoes (sauce/ketchup only) and french fries (not thick cut).  If it was a green veggie I’d have rather have walked over glass than eat ’em.  Hell, I’d have rather eaten broken glass than a green veggie.  Along with vegetables, I hated all pork products (except bacon), beans of all kinds, anything that came from the water, mushrooms and more.  Really, I wasn’t easy to feed.

Now, what caused this complete 180 degree shift?  Well, in August of 2006, after realizing that continuing to be almost 300lbs isn’t fun, I decided I would try and drop the weight. In the past my dieting consisted of going to the store, buying things that said “low-fat” or “fat free” and consuming massive quantities of it.  I noted, this time, that the previous attempts didn’t work and I figured I’d try a new approach.  I decided to count calories, but this didn’t really change my eating habits.  All I did was start visiting the nutrition sites of fast food joints before going and I started to buy frozen meals that all seemed to taste the same… then again, I did try my best to avoid anything that looked like a vegetable.

Over the next year I got bored of the same meals day in and day out, and the occasional veggie infiltrated my frozen boxes of sodium. Amazingly I didn’t die from the salt intake, nor the sudden addition of vegetables to my diet.  Suddenly taste started to matter as I purchased my goods and I came across “natural” foods that tasted much better and had even more veggies.  At this point my fast food habits shifted from ordering burgers with ketchup and cheese only to tacos off the “fresco” menu… it seems my tastebuds were starting to live once more.

Suddenly in mid-2008 I noticed that prices were starting to go up for my frozen darlings and I didn’t know what to do… and then it dawned on me.  I could cook my meals myself!  The only problem is that I really had no idea where to start.  To make matters worse, I had recently stopped eating “bad” things (such as trans fats) and wouldn’t be able to rely on many pre-boxed products.  I decided that I would learn to cook or die trying, so I went out and snagged a few cookbooks and went to town.

The entire process from fast food beast to cooking beauty has been (and continues to be) a huge learning process, but what is the point of trying to do something easy?  After talking off many people’s ears about things they didn’t care about, I figured I’d start a blog so anyone who wanted to hear my blathering could.  I do try to make it entertaining, and hopefully it is, but if not, hopefully you enjoy the recipes anyhow.

I will say, if I can help even one person start cooking rather than falling into the fast food trap I had laid for myself, I’ll feel this was all worth it.  I don’t think a month goes by without me trying something and saying “Where has <blank> been all my life and why haven’t I been eating it??” Variety is truly the spice of life and I sorta feel like I wasted a ton of it. After reading a bunch of books and watching a lot of shows (usually both involving Anthony Bourdain) I’ve taken to the idea of trying almost anything once.  I said “almost” as I still do my best to avoid trans fats when I can (though I am partial to the occasional White Castles burger), but pretty much nothing is off limits when others are chowing down.

I will do my best to keep this site up to date and with as little delay between posts as possible.  I also promise to do my best to keeo everything interesting and not let this site turn into a “what did I eat last night” type of blog… there are plenty of those.  So, in short…

FoodGeekery is a site dedicated to my ongoing culinary adventures and anything I find interesting and/or worthwhile in the name of food, dining or gardening.  Please enjoy!

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